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Friday, December 05, 2008

Rare Apprenticeship Opportunity

Don't wait to check this out. The deadline is December 14.

The opportunity is a six month apprenticeship taught by Seth Godin at his New York office. For Free. As he describes it,
If you're stuck in a dead end job in publishing, or if you made a not-so-great choice in getting your career started, or if you thought Wall Street would be a different place, or if you just got laid off, or if you're not crazy about fretting away the next six months waiting to get fired and you're not quite ready to start your own gig... this might be the turbolift you were hoping for. Yes, it's free.

It's a chance to get off that track and onto a new track, faster and cheaper than most of the alternatives. And it might even be fun.

The details are explained here briefly and succinctly.

If you are not familiar with Seth Godin, check out his blog. I've been getting a lot of great food for thought in regards to marketing, whether it's myself, my non-profits, SoulPerSuit and Computer Training Bridge, or MyGeek's online apps site. He's an insightful and interesting writer.

Let me know if you decide to apply.


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