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Monday, November 24, 2008

MoPo: Jen Stark

I love paper. A disturbing thrill comes over me whenever I enter an office supply store. Even as a kid I remember flipping through those marvelously blank pads of paper, any kind, and not understanding the uncontrollable desire to buy them all. I have the hardest time throwing away even the smallest scrap. Maybe this is why I'm drawn to the scuptures of American artist Jen Stark. She works with paper. Stacks and stacks of colored paper.

Her inspiration comes from scientific subjects (fractals, worm holes, anatomy) and her tool of choice? An x-acto knife. How wonderful. I love my x-acto knife. The sculptures are beautiful and scientific looking at the same time even though she does it all from sketches and by hand.

Stark was also featured in Wired magazine.

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